1. Previous Experience Investing in Real Estate

Someone that has been involved in this business before can understand all of the highs and lows involved. His/Her experience will speak for themselves when faced with making important decisions, especially when things go wrong.

2. Sufficient Liquidity

Your future partner should have an impressive portfolio as well as enough liquidity when compared to the equity investment made on your property. If they have financial issues, then they will have that underlying issue putting unwanted pressure on the property to perform greater and faster than realistically expected. Plus, if your property needs additional captial last-minute, your parter may not be able to provide.

3. Intelligence and Rationality

Over the course of your relationship, there will be times where you will put your trust in your partner’s judgement. You would expect them to make an intelligence and rational conclusion to any problem that comes their way. Because if you can’t rely on your partner’s judgement, then this relationship will probably lot last.