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How Did They Do That: Omar Ruiz

In this new episode of “How Did They Do That” David Lindahl catches up with Omar Ruiz from California on a 32-unit deal in Houston, TX that rewarded him with a $20,000 acquisition fee and almost $1,000 a month in cashflow! Omar talks about how he found the deal, what he did to raise $200,000 to close the deal, and has some useful advice for investors that are looking to do more deals in the future!

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Hey this is David Lindahl. This is another edition of how did they do that. Now I am sitting here with Maureen Miles who a private money boot camp. And everybody’s at lunch right now and these people you see lurking behind thinking how did they get in the shot? They are her children. So first of all why don’t you explain everybody why do you get your children invest in real estate?

Well, we just want to teach them there’s a different way to do things whether entire life, even if they don’t wanna get into real estate right away they would know for even when they’re fourth or fifth year old and if they don’t like the circumstances, there’s just another option out there. Ya because once you have the knowledge it’s always there. You can make as much money, go around the world, come back two years later and go back to real estate because you have the foundational knowledge and there’s a lot you can do there.

So in this episode we are gonna talk about the deal that you just closed, what was that? It was a deal. Tell me, Where are you from by the way? I am from Connecticut! Happy happy! Hubby’s sitting at home, yup sitting at home. Ha ha he is working is at home. Is he? He better be working at home, he better be working. No no no. Alright so, that deal, where’s that deal?

In Atlanta. Alright! Sweet, that’s a good market. It is. How many units? Hundred and seventeen units. Aahh! That’s […]

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