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Top Characteristics of a Successful Leader

“Some people are born to lead” how many times have you heard this saying? I’m sure many times! Some people can’t work under other’s pressures (they feel like ruling or taking decisions for everybody probably because they love to lead) while some can’t work like a leader. Every human is different from each other. However in practical life a person, who has the ability to lead, succeeds.

Whether you are an owner, manager, principal, house wife or man of the house, you need to have leadership qualities in order to lead your team. This is very important and that is why today I will share some basic qualities and characteristics of a successful leader and why he is unique.

The following are the qualities of a successful leader:

• The most foremost quality a leader should have is to have patience to listen to what his associates say. A healthy communication between a leader and assistant requires feedback about what they feel. The leader should have the capability to hear & understand what his or her team says. All successful leaders are the best listeners!

• Successful leaders realize that there are mistakes, are open to changes and they also appreciate and acknowledge their team member regularly. This motivates the employees and makes them love work.

• You must know all of your customers and employees. A successful leader knows about every individual working in his workplace. He knows that if he keeps a good relation with his associates etc, then he will be trusted and he himself will know whom he can trust.

• You must have heard “opposites attract”, well in my view they don’t! People who think alike, do things alike actually get along well. A […]

Commercial Real Estate: Fourth Quarter Comeback?

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to tell you that the Commercial Real Estate wave is approaching, now it looks momentum is picking up:


Richmond, VA (PRWEB) November 17, 2010

After stumbling around on a wet playing field for three quarters, trying to establish momentum despite being mired in a soggy economy, the commercial real estate market has finally found its rhythm and is ready to snatch victory from the proverbial jaws of defeat. According to “Fourth Quarter Comeback,” the latest podcast produced by John B. Levy & Company (available online at, institutional investors have switched from defense to offense, sending a clear signal to everyone on the sidelines that buyers have taken the field and that the outlook for the commercial real estate market is healthy.

“The real bright spot in commercial real estate is that CMBS 2.0 – the updated version of the old CMBS that fell off a cliff in 2007 – is back, and that’s no hype,” says Andy Little, partner at John B. Levy & Company. “We’re actually seeing a lot of deals getting done, and there’s a whole new depth to the market. While some businesses might look at the results of the mid-term elections and think we’ll have a lot more clarity going forward,” Little adds, “I believe we’ll have a lot more gridlock. Either way, commercial real estate is going to come out of all this just fine.”

One of the reasons Little is optimistic about the health and stability of the market is that he sees a pricing efficiency in place. Today, CMBS lenders are pricing loans within 5 to 10 basis points of each other. Six months ago, even three years ago, […]

Fishing for Housing Bargains

Another article that you should find interesting:

When Jana Sestili and her husband decided to move with their two children to a larger house in the Pittsburgh suburbs, some people thought they were taking a foolish risk. The refrain, says Sestili, was simple: “I don’t know how you’ll do this in this market.” But the couple ignored the doubters and forged ahead anyway. They sold their house for their asking price of $329,000, well above the $213,000 they’d spent to build it nine years ago. And they plowed the proceeds—and then some—into a four-bedroom, $400,000 dream house, complete with an in-ground pool, a brand-new kitchen and 4,500 square feet of living space. “For what’s in the house, we got a great price,” says Sestili, an official with the University of Pittsburgh’s alumni association.
It’s tempting to listen to the neighbors or glance at the latest headlines (foreclosures! falling home sales!) and cower on the sidelines of the real estate bust. But some folks are looking past today’s uncertain economy and concluding that in a number of markets real estate deals are just too good to pass up. Indeed, some housing experts have been arguing for two years now that with the combination of lower home prices and rock-bottom mortgage rates, the cost of buying a home is lower than it has been in years. David Berson, chief economist at the PMI Group, says that during the boom, the median sales price for a U.S. home reached 7.3 times disposable per capita income; today that ratio is five times. “Things are amazingly affordable,” he says.
Of course, just because homes prices have declined doesn’t mean they can’t go any lower. While careful buyers can find bargains in […]

An Easier Way To Buy Foreclosures

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First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Expected To Be Extended

The Senate and House voted in favor of extending the first-time homebuyer tax credit. As you know, the legislation extends, through April 30, an $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit and creates a new $6,500 credit for homebuyers who have been in their current residence for the last five years or more.

The Senate unanimously voted Wednesday night (98-0). The House just passed the bill this afternoon (Thursday, November 5th) (403-12).

President Obama is expected to sign the legislation tomorrow, Friday, November 6.

5 Unique Ways To Find Funding For Real Estate

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Despite the current slump in the housing market, it can be an attractive time to acquire funding for a real estate property. I made my move into the real estate business at a time when it was “risky” and not a sure thing, but I have comprised systems that allow me to not only survive the slump, but profit from it. We all know the time to buy is not when you hear everyone saying it a great time to get in the market. We want to get in before that. I had a mere $800 to my name when I decided I to make real estate work for me. There are many ways to go about funding your next real estate deal, but today I would like to focus on grants, private investors, sellers, liquefying assets, and loans.


The government dishes out millions of dollars each year in grants to those seeking funding for real estate ventures. This is mainly because one of the government’s main duties is to provide housing for U.S residents. Not only are the grants there to help the brokers, but also acts as an outsourced entity for the government. There are not only federal grants for which you can apply, but also state level grants as well.

Private Investors:

If you can be provided with an opportunity to sit down with someone who is willing to entertain putting forth a little investment capital for a possible venture, wear your best suit and tie. Have a professional proposal detailing your outlying costs and show the bottom line of your profit […]

Investor Alert!!! As seen on Good Morning America!!!

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