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Top 5 Goals All Businesses Should Meet


  • Add Value: What is great about adding value to your business is that there is no limit to how far you can go.  If you think your business is good, then be better.  If you think your clients and employees are satisfied with their time in your business, then make them even more satisfied.  People will grow to appreciate your business once you are able to effectively go above and beyond their expectations.
  • Stronger Leadership: In case you remember last week’s e-newsletter where we talk about leadership, being a strong leader means putting your employees’ trust in you and reminding them why they should in order to accomplish both short term and long term goals.
  • Expand Your Network: Have you heard any successful business leader say “I have enough contacts”?  Me neither.  You should always be expanding your network with potential clients and colleagues because the more people you know, the greater chances you will have putting together a deal.  Did I mention that new contacts you bring into your circle, also bring the contacts in their circles as well?
  • Recruit the Best: It is nearly impossible to succeed in this business as a one-man-show.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and it is your responsibility as the leader of your business to bring in people that excell at the things you are weak at.  Once you cover your weak spots up with heavy-hitters, your team will be unstoppable.
  • Quality Profits: As soon as you learn to define your services to appeal to the right market, then you can expect to see strong profit margins with the right clients.


How Did They Do That – Mario and Doug D’Attillo

In this week’s “How Did They Do That” we talk with Mario and Doug D’Attillo, a father-son team from Florida who networked with some students at one of our events and landed themselves a 144-unit property! Mario and Doug talk about how their found their first deal, the cash flow generating from this property, and how they raised $1.2 million for their second deal!