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If you’re like me, you’re probably pretty impatient. Most people regard that as a negative, but to tell you the truth, I feel that impatience is a good thing in a real estate investor. You want it NOW. I respect that. It relates to a question I get all the time:

“Dave, if I already have your home study kit on apartments, and I’ve already been to your bootcamp, why would I ever need your coaching program?”

The answer is you don’t NEED it. You should only get it if you’re extremely impatient to reach your goals.

I have a file cabinet full of testimonials from people who’ve made money in real estate just by using my home study kit or by coming to my bootcamp. It’s a documented fact that you can succeed that way.
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So let’s look at why many successful people choose to invest in coaching…

Coaching Gives You 3 Additional Benefits Not Found Elsewhere:

You get all your questions answered, week in and week out. If you’d love to have a resource to call on to become crystal-clear on any aspect of real estate investing, coaching is your ticket. You’ll never again wonder how to ramp up your marketing, how to analyze an unusual deal, or the best way to get financing for a project.
No course or bootcamp can ever be 100% about your own personal real estate market and neighborhood, but coaching can! You don’t have to interpret a thing, because your coach is there to do all the interpretation FOR you. You’ll always know what’s the best technique to use in your market, right now.
You know how life has a habit of “getting in the way” of your dreams? It’s easy to put off the important stuff when you’re bombarded with distractions every day. Your coach will work with you to make sure you keep on track to achieve your dreams.

When you’re part of the coaching community, investing becomes easier. That’s because we’re there, right in front of you, clearing away the obstacles to your success.

You Will Benefit Even More!

You’ll be on the phone with me, Dave, four times a month. These calls are a mixture of the following:

“Dave Eavesdrop Call”. Listen in as I have real, current conversations with sellers, brokers, and others involved in deals. Why wonder how I do my deals when you can hear for yourself.

“Tuesdays with Dave” is your opportunity to ask me anything on your mind, live. You can also choose simply to listen in as other students ask me about the best strategies, deal structures, and markets right now.

“Dave Teaches” is a call every month where I cover another important skill to your real estate success. You’ll hear how to find deals where other people don’t know where to look…negotiation skills…making money with repositioning…and much more.

Coaching for Real Estate

Massive, Members-Only Online Answer Resource

In addition to four calls per month with me, you’ll have members-only access to my private website. If you missed a call, no big deal: All my calls are recorded and available to you for listening or downloading from this site.

In fact, as a coaching member, you’ll have immediate access to more than 400 HOURS of calls from the last two years! If you can think of a real estate topic, I’ve covered it on one of these calls. They range from negotiation tactics, to the best emerging markets, to filling out forms quickly and confidently, how to juggle many priorities…the list goes on.

Testimonial from Steve Johnson:

Can I Achieve This Success?

Testimonial from Valanitta Jingles:

Can I Achieve This Success?

I’ve Saved the Best for Last!

The centerpiece of my coaching program is your ability to work one-on-one with a coach. The best way to describe that is to tell you how I hand-picked them. All my coaches have the following four qualities:

Theory is nice, but you won’t find much of that with my coaches. They’re all experienced real estate investors who are active investors right now. That means they know the current markets and the techniques that work best in our current economy.
You’re not a very good coach if you know a lot but can’t explain it to someone else. Therefore a big part of my selection process with coaches is how crystal clear they are in explaining each step of the investing process. Believe me, these coaches are the best at it.
Hey, we all started out knowing nothing. You may be in that position right now, in which case your coach will be happy to go over the investing process from the very beginning. And if you do have some experience, your coach will start from wherever you are right now, and get you to your goals.
This is a biggie. I found it’s rare to find people who are a mixture of cheerleader and coach. Sometimes you might need just encouragement and support. Other times you might need a friendly kick in the pants to get moving on the key things you need to do to be successful. You must have a coach who can do both, and that’s just what my team provides.

To summarize, you’ll be getting a coach with real experience, who’s good at explaining things, is patient, and can motivate you to greater success.

Oh, and did I tell you that I stay heavily involved in the coaching process? I meet with my hand-picked coaches regularly, and also listen to recordings of the coaching sessions, to make sure they’re being conducted the way I would conduct them myself.

Coaching = Reaching Your Goals More Easily

After you’re part of the coaching community, you see how much easier investing has become. That’s because we’re there, right in front of you, clearing away any obstacles to your success.

The next step is a breeze: Simply click the GET REAL ESTATE WEALTH TODAY! button below to schedule a call and one of my coaching coordinators will be in touch with you to answer questions. Why do we start with an appointment? Because to tell you the truth, coaching is not for everyone. Some people really are better off in the corporate world, where they can look forward to getting that gold watch at their retirement dinner after 40 years.

Does Coaching Work? Decide for yourself!

Jack and Val
My coaching students have bought more than $147 million of property!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait 40 years for your reward–and even 4 years sounds like way too long–then you’re one of those impatient people like me. In that case, don’t waste time reading this page any longer, but simply get the ball rolling by submitting the questionnaire. We can then talk in more detail to see if coaching is the right fit to make your dreams come true.

If coaching is in fact a good fit for you, then I look forward to hearing how delighted you soon are as the newest member of our private community! I have to warn you, though: You might be upset at all the time you could have saved by getting in sooner!


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