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It's FREE, But You Only Have
One Shot At It, And That's Now!!!

Have you ever thought you'd like to buy or sell houses but didn't know how or where to get the money?

Have you suffered an income reduction at your job or your business or maybe even lost all of it to the recession?

Are you working harder to make a living and looking for a way to replace your income completely in a real business you can build to financial security and be proud of the service you provide to others?

Do you see your kids growing up without you because you just can't make time for them with the ever increasing pressure of making a living?

Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired and want your life back and peace of mind for a change?

Let Me Help You Find What You Are Looking For.

My name is Dave Lindahl. About 17 years ago I was a dead broke landscaper in cold, snowy massachusetts.
I was desperate to find a way out of my "work/sleep/work" nightmare.

Today, my life is completely different because I discovered real estate and spent 17 years building easy-to-follow systems to start from scratch. Once I knew the steps after doing that first deal, the second was much easier.

Better yet, the people who have followed my tested and proved systems are doing the same. Buying real estate with no money, no professional help and no credit. And most of these people weren't any smarter or any better situated than I was when I started.

“I made $65,000 in 30 days.” —Catherine Wright, California

I was able to use your process, raise all the funds no money out of pocket, and I walked away from closing with a $28,000 check for being able to put the deal together…Monthly cash flows are about $2,200/month, 50% is mine just for being able to put the deal together... —John Emerson

- “I made a profit of about $40K in six months with about $3-5K in monthly positive cash flow. Thanks Dave, I’m glad I listened!” —Kirk Johnson, Ohio

"I am a Real Estate Appraiser by trade…I know how to analyze apartments, but don't know how to BUY apartments. So I came to Dave to learn that, and I've learned how to buy, how to negotiate, how to send our letters of intent, how to put it under contract, and all these aspects I didn't know as an appraiser...Because of Dave I've been able to buy a 50 unit apartment building and a 112 unit property, and without Dave I would not have been able to do that. I would highly recommend ANYONE, whether you're an appraiser or not, any experience or not..." —Frank Leotti, California

“Dave, just closed on a 6-unit deal. The property cash flow $1,604 per month and I have over $40K in equity…" — Lionel Sterling, Georgia

"Living in California, finding multi-family properties that cash flowed property was difficult. After learning about market cycles from Dave, my husband and I were able to find a 32 Unit property in Austin, TX. After using the teachings that David taught us regarding Property Managers, we will be cash flowing over $3500 per month in Passive Income… That’s $42,000 per year!" —Jeff and Jane Anstrom, Anaheim, CA

- During the Super Bowl my brother-in-law challenged me to find a cash flowing deal in today’s market. I went out and found a 3-unit property in 5 days and had it closed in 30 days… I got it 100% financed. It cash flows $300 per month and there is $20K equity in it. Thanks Dave.”—Tim Ryan, California

- “I found a cash partner that will pay all cash (refinance later)! I will receive about 10% of future equity buildup, but no money out of my pocket. That is good because I have none!”
— Joe Adelman, Illinois

Dave's Book

For a very limited time, until we run out, I'm giving away my book, "Masasive Passive Income Creator" absolutely FREE.

There's no other book in existence like this one, and I'm giving it to you now if you order immediately, it's FREE! This book is an easy step-by-step system.

So Dave...Why Are You Giving Away
This Book for FREE

Well, actually there are several reasons...all good ones. First, because I can. I've done over 7000 units in the last 17 years and life is pretty good now. I drive a beautiful car, take long vacations in exotic destinations and work when I please. How about you just accept this gift because I'm offering it at no cost and quit looking for a catch?

Second, it's my way of prescreening you to see if we're a match to work together in the future. If you like my book and can handle my blunt, tell-it-like-it-is personality and feel I'm the right guy to help you achieve financial independence and make a quantum leap, I know you will contact my office and explore the various ways we can work together.

Yes, there is a financially motivated reason for me to send you this book. Imagine that! But remember, I'm not asking you for a dime, and if you don't like what you get, you'll never spend a dime, but here's something for you to consider...

Ordering My Free Book May Be The Smartest and Most Profitable Business Decision You'll Make in Your Life. Every Quantum Leap Begins with One Small First Step!

This is yours and it costs nothing. All the people in the column on the right made the same decision in the past. Do they sound like they did the right thing?

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