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I’m So Frustrated That I Haven’t Been More Help To You, I’m Willing To Hand You A Turn-Key Lifestyle and Legacy Business With No Risk To You!

Dear Friend,

NEVER in my life have I been more frustrated than I am right now.

If I were there, with you, I'm sure you'd say, "Dave, why are you so frustrated? You have more money than you can count and a great life?"

That's true. But the reason I'm frustrated is because I want to help more people who need a financial boost right now!

In today's bumpy economy, I feel like the only guy in a dark room with a flashlight! But I hope, with this letter, I will be able to help you. If I can at least help you see the light, then I have done some good.

Here's my story...

I'm a regular guy. No different than hundreds of other regular guys. I work hard. I love my family and my country. And I do one thing really, REALLY well...

I teach people how to make A LOT of money very fast by owning apartment buildings.

That's it. Might sound simple, but I've made a sizeable fortune doing this. I'm worth many millions of dollars today. But that is neither here nor there. What matters most to me today is helping other people like you know what I know, and do what I do, so they can make a lot of money too.

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As far as I know, I'm the best
in the country at what I do (and quite modest too)


I've taught more people how to turn their life around by owning apartments than anyone I know. In fact, no one's even close. But I wasn't always rich.

I used to be a landscaper who struggled to make a living. I worked my butt off in the hot sun and dirt day after day to make a buck.

And back when I was in landscaping, the economy was in good shape! So I'm extremely grateful I'm NOT still a landscaper today. It would be a rough road.

But there are many, many people today who are like me, working their butt off to make a living, who have to struggle in a poor economy.

This is what fuels my frustration


Because I have the answer! I have the golden ticket! I can help YOU, whether you need a little money or a lot of money. It frustrates me that I can't reach everyone and teach them all how to make money. And believe, me there's plenty of money to go around!

A Valuable Resource BUT... I reached YOU, so please, listen to this...

  1. You don't need to know ANYTHING at all about apartments, investing, or real estate to succeed in a big way. I guarantee it.
  2. And... you don't need single dime in the bank to succeed in a big way.

Most people don't believe that. But I'll prove to you that it's the honest truth. I've already shown thousands of people how to do it.

And I'd like YOU be next!

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Our Country Is In Bad Shape...

Money Down The Drain

I don't know how it affected you, but I'm sure it has. It seems to have reached everyone one way or another. There are so many good people struggling. People who had good jobs, savings, and a reasonable mortgage lost a lot.

Whether you fit in this group or not, I can help you recover what you've lost, or build on what you're lucky to still have!

There is hope. Hope that you can live a very comfortable life right now and hope that you can retire with a certain degree of comfort (even luxury) and confidence whether in 10 years or 2 years. And hope that you can start at any age and build wealth quickly, within only 60 days.

Despite our country's problems, I promise you, there has never been a better time in the last 100 years to profit from real estate.

Every real estate expert in the country, from Donald Trump -- who chose me to write a book with him -- to Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiosaki -- who has me teach these techniques to his students -- will tell you the same thing.


...Is absolutely the best time in recent history to buy real estate! Why? Interest rates are low. And so are real estate prices. Banks are overloaded with foreclosed properties that they'll sell at deep discounts.

Prices have not been this low in decades! And once the market begins to correct itself, they'll start to go up. NOW is the time to act. And if you'd like to take advantage of this unique situation, I can help. And believe me, after personally averaging a real estate deal every 5 days for the last TEN YEARS - I KNOW how to help YOU profit in this amazing market right now.

And guess what, this foreclosure mess has made the apartment business a rock star. Why? Because guess where all those people are going when they lose their homes? You guessed it… Apartments. And apartment prices are low along with everything else, but occupancy rates sky high. And many people's credit scores will keep them from buying a home for years.

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ven Without This Boom To Apartment Complex Owners, The Rental Market Always Has Been, And Always Will Be Rock Solid

For Rent

In fact, I have more deals coming at me than I can possibly close in a lifetime. I already control more than $240 million in real estate. So I hope that I can find good people like you to work with me.

I KNOW there are more good deals out there than you OR I could possibly profit from! I CAN help you become rich in the next 60 days and will help you if you'll let me.

My live, 3-day apartment bootcamp, taught personally by me, will make you an apartment profit expert. Just for starters...

You'll learn...

I don't suggest you try any of this yourself. Why would you?! That's like trying to be a successful brain surgeon without attending medical school. You'll hurt someone! And in this case, you'll hurt yourself.

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I've spent over 18 years honing my system! It is foolproof. It is profitable.

It is for anyone! And if you come to my boot camp you'll learn everything you need to know.

I simply don't have time to teach people one-on-one anymore. So the ONLY way I can personally show you how I and others like you make apartment profits is by getting together with you at a live event.

I guarantee this three-day event will transform your life and fill your bank account!

This event is unlike any you've experienced before. It's the ONLY one like it in America. And it ALWAYS ends up selling out quickly, with a waiting list.

My live boot camp is the Mecca of apartment profiteering. The only thing you won't have that I have is my years of experience. BUT I'll take care of that too. (Keep reading to see what I'll do for you.)

For some people this might be a career change. And that's OK! You might be going from a firefighter or a store manager or a lawyer to an apartment complex investor. But that's Ok. Sometimes that's a great decision. Especially when it can done in only 3 days instead of years of school, and not come with a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars.

My boot camp has been a great decision for thousands of people already! And I can't wait to meet you and help you make this easy transition, so you can start making some serious fast and long-term income.

Here's more of what you'll learn when you attend

I'll say it again...there's nothing you won't know when you're done. I have done so many deals over so many years I can show you how to copy me very easily.

I understand this is a time and financial commitment... But what you get is a new lease on life. You'll get a proven "business in a box" from the foremost expert in this field. I won't let you fail. I'll work with you and help you. You'll be in great hands!

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And of course we'll spend a lot of time on people's #1 concern, "What if I don't have any money to do this!?"


One of the first things I'll tell you is how to save your own money for your own dream home...savings. Then I'll show you several proven ways to get all the money you need for properties!

Just imagine if you had all the money you needed to invest in as many properties as you wanted. Hundreds of thousands of dollars just waiting for you to use to make yourself wealthier.

That may sound like wishful thinking, but I guarantee you it's not. You'll learn ALL my secrets for getting money to buy properties.

After 3 days with me, attracting other people's money to finance your deals will be second nature to you. I am the master of not using my own money to finance deals. And I'll give you, show you, teach you my entire arsenal of simple money-attracting strategies that minimize your risk and get you all the money you need.

If getting money to invest concerns you, don't let it get in your way. It will never be an issue if you follow me.

What I do is NOT risky. There is risk. But I show you how to do this the right way and put the odds of success squarely in your favor. I'll show you how to get deals on your terms every time.

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If you need to get going to make some significant money starting yesterday, then don't wait!

This event sells out every time, and I don't want you to miss it.

Maybe your job is gone or a layoff is looming. Maybe your retirement nest-egg has dwindled recently. Or maybe you're simply tired of making just enough money to survive, and want to live better. In that case, I guarantee you apartments can "short cut" you to a better financial life. In fact, one single deal can be enough for you to retire on!

And don't forget, I guarantee you'll walk away from this 100% confident you can copy my success. Because I'll show you what to do every step of the way. I'll even keep working with you help you do it.

Imagine multiple rent checks coming in every month, in an amount that far exceeds any payment you have. Cash flow is king. And if you read some of the testimonials I've included, you'll see that many of my students are also stashing HUGE chunks of cash in the bank right now, in today's market, using my system.

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The very fastest way for you to make money is to attend my event


The tuition for this one-of-a-kind experience is just $2,995 and it's very likely you can write off the entire cost as a tax deduction for educational/business expenses.

This is far less than the cost of a single college course for one semester at most colleges! But you'll be getting graduate-level exposure to my secrets for immediately money making!

To be fair, I should tell you I do have a Home Study System. You may wonder whether it's better just to get my Home Study System and not bother with the live event. I'd say, attend the event. Why?

Because as good as my Home Study System is, most people don't get motivated enough on their own to open it up and start taking action.

But when we're together at his event, I can PERSONALLY see to it that you have all the questions answered, and you get started myself.

Coming to my live event will get you so excited to start! And that important jumpstart gives you the ability to explode your wealth at the fastest possible rate. And keep in mind, you can do this in any city or state in the U.S.

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Attend and get these special free bonuses!

I really do want you to come. I'm excited for you to start on this path of financial independence. And I really think you'll be glad you did. I've had thousands of people from all walks of life attend, and 99.9% of them make a point to come tell me they are so glad they came!

So if you're on the fence I want to add some sugar to the pot to help you decide. (This is an important part of this letter, so read carefully.)

As soon as you call to confirm your reservation - I'm going to rush you a thick package, filled with these 7 FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1: "Apartment Houses Riches Guide"

This is my complete success system. I'll ship it out to you right away, so you can make money even before the event! When you take a look, you'll discover:

  • Where the good deals are hiding, in plain view of the scared/ uninformed competition.
  • How to determine market cycles, and what strategies to use at any particular point
  • A simple formula to prescreen any deal
  • The basics of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges
  • No-money-down financing techniques
  • How to buy in the right entities
  • The keys to successful negotiating
  • How to sell for maximum dollars

You'll want to read this over before you come to the event. (If you can't, don't worry, I'll still cover it at the event.) This guide also is a great refresher after the event, so you're never far away from my "Tricks of the Trade." This is an $1,295.00 value yours FREE!

Bonus #2: "Apartment House Riches Document Treasure Chest"

All the forms, materials, and checklists (over 28 of them) that are in my system are on this CD. In our lawyer-crazy society, you need to protect yourself, no matter what you do. Why learn the hard way about which documents will make you-and save you- the most money? Simply print out my pre-tested ones, and use them over and over again.

Bonus #3: "77 Ways To Fill Your Vacancies FAST!"

One of the big reasons I love this business is because I get such great deals from burned-out landlords! They don't use property managers, which means they're up at all hours of the night, unclogging toilets. They despise their tenants, and the feeling is mutual. Their occupancy and rental rates suffer, until those burned-out landlords have had enough.

Then in comes me, Dave Lindahl (or you!), who has a totally different model. We use property managers, and insist on treating the tenants very well. After all, your tenants are your gold! That's why you need this report. Hand it to your property manager, sit back, and watch your units stay consistently full.

Just Think Box

Bonus #4: "27 Ways To Buy Properties With No Money Down"

When I do something, I go all the way! That's why I don't settle for only one or two ways to buy with no money down. Neither should you! I'll show you some extremely creative ways to control properties without diluting any of your own capital. You will easily save 5 times the tuition for this event, by just applying one of my techniques to your next deal, with 26 ways left over!

This is a $59.00 value, yours FREE!

Bonus #5: "The 23 Most Costly Mistakes Investors Make And How To Avoid Them"

I made most of these mistakes because I didn't know any better. Making those mistakes cost me tens of thousands of dollars. You get to start by looking over my shoulder. The mistakes are all right here, ready for you to read and avoid. This volume is invaluable!

This is a $59.00 value, yours FREE!

Bonus #6: "How To Have An Endless Supply Of Motivated Sellers Calling You To Buy Their Properties!"

In my Apartment House Riches Home Study System, I give you 7 letters that I've created, tested and proven to get the phone to ring nonstop with motivated sellers. In this volume, I tell you about the little-known marketing secrets I used to create these letters and how you can, too!

This is a $59.00 value, yours FREE!

Bonus #7: Bring another person with you. FREE.

That's right NO CHARGE to bring a spouse or adult child. I'll waive their tuition.

I'll ship all of these special bonuses to you immediately, so you can start making money now. Now Let Me Add Up Everything You'll Get:

Total Cost

I hope you can see the enormous difference in what you'll pay compared what it's worth. Not to mention, the actual hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars of income you can begin tapping into! So why would I do this? Give you all this for next to nothing, compared to it's true value? Because I want you to come! I want to load you up with tools and the things you need to succeed without breaking your bank account. I want you to get a sizzling deal so you can take this step and change your life!

I KNOW you can do this. So I'll do what it takes to get you here so I can prove it to you in person, even if means giving you all this free stuff.

And I'm not even done yet! I still have one last ringer to help seal the deal.

I will give you absolutely the very best guarantee you can get on anything anywhere. And just so you know, many events offer to reimburse you, but only for a portion of your fee after the first day, then you go home. Not me! I go 10 steps beyond that, and either you're 100% satisfied or you'll get a FULL refund AFTER the entire 3 days. Here it is...

Our Guarantee

Attend the ENTIRE EVENT. Grab and keep the thousands of dollars in bonuses I send you upon registering. Learn all my secrets for getting fat monthly checks, and fatter checks upon selling properties. Network with lenders, property buyers and sellers, and even some potential joint venture partners in your state.

I insist that you leave this event with a crystal-clear, excited plan for realizing your financial dreams. Otherwise - and you're the sole judge of this - you can approach me or my staff and tell us. With no questions asked, we will give you the following:

  • A 100% refund of your tuition; plus
  • Refund of your hotel bill for 2 nights; plus
  • Reimbursement of documented airfare up to $300.00

There will be NO hard feelings. No hassles. You WILL walk away THRILLED with this event or I can't in good conscience keep your money. And as you see, I'll refund your travel and hotel cost too.

Register Now!

If you want to spend 3 action-packed days with the most experienced apartment investor in America, so I can personally hold your hand and show you how to duplicate my success in this business, then let me make this even easier for you: This will turn your decision into a "No Brainer".

If you call to register in the next 24 hours ONLY, I'll also give you Bonus #8: A Three-Month Private Mentoring Certificate. (But ONLY if you act now!)

I absolutely insist that if you are one of MY students, you'll be a successful student. That's it. No gray area. It's a matter of personal pride with me that YOU succeed and make money. So, if you act now, you'll receive a Three-Month Private Mentoring Certificate.

This means I will personally mentor you by fax, phone or e-mail for three full months. We're not talking my assistant, or anyone else. I, Dave Lindahl, will be your loyal servant and profit guide for 3 full months. This will ensure you'll succeed and make money!

Some "gurus" with far less experience charge $1,000.00 a month ($12,000.00 a year) for mentoring - and it's with their assistants who are reading from scripts, and done via email only!

Not me! Instead, you get ME, one-on-one. And you get 90 day's worth -that's a $3,000.00 value -- for FREE! That's a total of at least $12,319.00 in value, for a tax-deductible investment of just $2,995!

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Reply now before it's too late!

It's easy to reserve your seat. Simply call my office right now at 1-800-560-2497 or click here. You can even use multiple credit cards if it's more convenient. My friendly staff will let you know what event dates and locations still have seats left.

Remember, I went from dirt poor, with NO prior experience to being able to retire with millions in the bank, and many more millions in assets in only 4 1/2 years! And that was without any help. With my help, you will have an enormous advantage over the way I started.

With me teaching you in person, and then helping you for 3 months, we'll skyrocket your income very quickly! I personally guarantee it!

I can't wait to meet you! Call now, and join me at my next life transformation event!

To Your Financial Success,



P.S. I'll also throw in this Rare Bonus #9: The opportunity to partner on deals, side by side with me. Here's how it will work...

  1. Go home from my event and locate a BIG deal (I'll show you how), where you think, "Hmmm, I wonder if I'm ready for this big of a deal?"
  2. Then call me directly and we'll go through the deal step-by-step, analyze together to determine if it's really a good deal.
  3. If it's good, using three-way calls, we'll close the deal, and even tape the calls for you to review later.
  4. I cut you a check for TWICE your entire boot camp tuition (2 x $2,995 = $5,990) and only THEN do we split the profits!
  5. You deposit your check -- with lots of zeros -- into your bank account!

And your bootcamp event cost just became $0 dollars!

I'm not offering this to steal your big deals. You're free to do every deal yourself! You can choose if you want to take me up on this. But you have to reserve your seat now!

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