60 Second Insights – Should I allow pets?

Now this week’s question is, “Dave, Should I take pets?”

When I first started investing I didn’t take pets because I didn’t want pets to destroy my units, I didn’t want to have the extra costs when a pet left the property you know the cat stink, the dog you know scratching all over the place and then I realized that 25% of all tenants have pets and I was excluding them from you know my renting share when I was looking out in gaining more rental for my properties. So when I started with the pet policy and you wanna have a pet policy that allows pets to come in you can charge extra for them 25-30$ you get a pet security deposit which is a 150-200$ and what you have done by doing it will only allow one cat and/or one dog that dog can be more than 20 pounds. You do that and you’ve just increased your market share every time you look in for a new tenant into your property. That’s what we do with pets. Hey you got a question? Put it on the blog section below. I might just answer that next week.